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Six Puns Day Six Hundred Thirty Two: Carpet

You’d be floored by the amount of fiber in that dessert, that pie’ll keep you hooked like magic. Six Puns: Carpet puns? We’ve got it covered.

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Six Puns Day Six Hundred Sixteen: Armoires

“This looks like a case that you will adore,” said the detective, “Once it reaches a close, it will make you so proud, you’ll puff out your chest. Here’s a hint: it’s a presidential matter that involves the cabinet.” Six Puns: Would … Continue reading

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Six Puns Day One Hundred Fifty: Tables

On the surface, it seems like you might not have a leg to stand on: like you’re always folding and you can’t stand the heat in the kitchen. But in reality, you get by quite easily…you know, I’d say your … Continue reading

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Six Puns Day One Hundred Twenty Four: Beds

I could double my pleasure by enjoying a king-sized candy bar, but I’ll give it a rest. I wouldn’t be caught dead eating one, especially when there is plenty of water around. For example, yesterday it was raining in sheets.

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