Six Puns Day Nine Hundred Seventeen: Sour Cream

“To get a doll up to the roof requires topping the old record,” said the official, “I think the records firm meant that there’s been a dip in attempts lately, something we’ve been addressing.”

Six Puns: Sour cream puns, for all their bacterial-like infectiousness, come from the highest form of culture.

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Six Puns Nine Hundred Sixteen: Zorbing

Making rolls can be a ball if you’re a baker, if not, you can ramp up the excitement even outside the sphere of the culinary arts. That said, you can probably harness the power of the elements, too.

Six Puns: Always a good sport.


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Six Puns Nine Hundred Fifteen: Sleds

“There’s nothing to bargain about here,” said the shopkeeper, “the deals are just the same here as they are on the flyer.” “Oh come on,” said Suzie, “if you let the price of your hiking boots slide, that frees you from trying to sell to runners.”

Six Puns: Sled puns slay me…

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Six Puns Day Nine Hundred Fourteen: Robins

I’ve read that some things won’t fly in the world of mythical tales, even if you wing it in stories that are set in China during the Song dynasty.

Six Puns: It was cold out today, so not only did I freeze, I brrrrred.

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Six Puns Day Nine Hundred Thirteen: Reservoirs

“With all due respect sir, in this bank, every damned account is subject to security leaks,” said the officer. “No need for such profanity,” said the manager. “sure, it’s a deep concern, but we’ll figure this out.”

Six Puns: Treble in this track (better put some bass in).

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Six Puns Day Nine Hundred Twelve: Rafts

It’s the internet, log in and read a science article. Would you believe that philosophical parade floats win awards every year by exposing the stream of consciousness of the bilateral human mind? Fascinating.

Six Puns: Raft puns? No time to lumber around.

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Six Puns Day Nine Hundred Eleven: Photocopiers

“Make sure you have all the facts straight on this developing story,” said the editor, “the boss has a short fuse, do you copy?”  “Yes,” said the intern, “I haven’t had much exposure to him, though.”

Six Puns: Royal relatives coming over? Get ready for a princess, a queen, a king, a prince…

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