Six Puns Day Nine Hundred Thirty Nine: Gutters

“The King’s reign will never drop, especially since there is nothing draining his resources,” said the wizard, “the whole premise of this meeting is set up a tv channel to do that.”

Six Puns: Puns have had some watershed moments…

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Six Puns Day Nine Hundred Thirty Eight: Chameleons

“Before you color your opinion of them, let me tell you the tale of the how these musicians banded together with their two violins and their three horns,” said the host, “they always got together in the morning to play the scales.”

Six Puns: Chameleon puns are a tongue of fun (or so I’m told…).

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Six Puns Day Nine Hundred Thirty Seven: Coal

Don’t go to bed, something is hardly what it seems. Like how a normal rock concert will have you pit old ideas against new ones and have excitement coursing through your veins.

Six Puns: Coal Puns? You’re fired!


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Six Puns Day Nine Hundred Thirty Six: Codex

“Don’t hide, be sure to page me when you book my next flight to Norway,” said the boss, “I want you to cover everything we discussed, because some folks are bound to ask about why our company ran out of lutefisk.”

Six Puns: Codex pun refunds? Sure, you can always get your paper back!


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Six Puns Day Nine Hundred Thirty Five: Badgers

“We need an advertisement to sell fir trees, one that has enough bite the consumers will be able to dig it.” said the client. “Well, according to this clause in our contract,” said the executive, “you are allowed to see two sets of trial ads, and then you can pick your favorite.”

Six Puns: The best badger puns in this borough!

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Six Puns Day Nine Hundred Thirty Four: Dentists

“There is a rare collection of gums at the mouth of that river, near those bridges,” said the botanist, “if we can avoid a brush with the law, we can safely bring them back to the Crown.”

Six Puns: Dental Puns? Rather filling.

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Six Puns Day Nine Hundred Thirty Three: Granite

“Would you give Mike a hand with that pizza crust and those quarts of milk?” said the manager, “We’ve got a rock concert to put on here, and I want the performance to be solid.”

Six Puns: Never take igneous rock puns for granite.

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