Six Puns Month Two: Crop Circles

Last month’s puns weren’t corny enough for you? It’s funny how the laughs crop up here and there, (though that concept is alien to me) but I wouldn’t trust anybody who reads into it too much. Maybe there is a grain of truth to it, but ask a professor, she’ll field any questions.

Six Puns: Remember, that latter Sunday is a Pun-day!

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Six Puns Month One: Sandals

Seeing as I’ve been strapped for cash lately (the result of a pun tax hike), I’ve decided to stay afoot of my monetary situation by reviving this site on a monthly basis instead of having to toe the line with daily puns. So, for a sole Sunday each month, you can clog your schedule with pure pun-ly goodness!

Six Puns: The last Sun-day of your month is now a Pun-day! (Next post is April 26th).

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Six Puns Day Nine Hundred Sixty One: Paronomasia

“To make a sound decision, you must view every color more brightly, every hue more closely, and above all, you must find the means to compound your interest,” said the sage, “also, as a magician, you should always check your spelling.”

Dear Readers,

Thank you for reading my puns for the last three years. This has been a wonderful experience that has been made even more enjoyable by your readership, your comments, your likes and–best of all–the puns you’ve written yourselves. I am now moving on to other things; thanks again, and I wish you all the best.

Six Puns: Shakespeare’s work ethic? Well, not exactly (but I sure can make a word play).


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Six Puns Day Nine Hundred Sixty: Scaffolding

“Although the acting was stilted, the staging was compelling, and the dialogue will test your mettle,” wrote the reviewer, “According to recent polls, this is what ties audiences to the cinema.”

Six Puns: Our puns will have you beam with delight.

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Six Puns Day Nine Hundred Fifty Nine: Freight Trains

Cole wanted to see how fast his car goes, but he neglected what the ‘no racing’ sign on that ship meant,” said Vanessa, “He says his girlfriend never ties his new car to his success at work but when she saw it, he couldn’t contain her excitement.”

Six Puns: Hard to gauge

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Six Puns Day Nine Hundred Fifty Eight: Confetti

This fall, order a pay-per view that will test your mettle: a documentary program about how preserving big game shows us an environment that sports plenty of life.

Six Puns: Half alcohol, whole punch. Happy New Year!

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Six Puns Day Nine Hundred Fifty Seven: Mackerel

Here’s a tale: if you’re short of money for school, don’t feel blue, this is low on the scale of life’s worries.

Six Puns: None too holy.


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