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Six Puns Day Six Hundred Eighty Six: Mugs

Think you can handle your flour-grinding job down to a tee? I’ve got a new stone where this other guy could pore over his work until he lost the cough he had when he got in this morning. Six Puns: Taking … Continue reading

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Six Puns Day Six Hundred Eighty Four: Chewing Gum

Tired of pop music? Are you a rapper? Have some money to blow while getting ready to stick to some more savings options?  You should invest in rubber tree forests and goose feathers…that’s pure chicle-down economics! Six Puns: Give him a subject and … Continue reading

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Six Puns Day Six Hundred Thirty Three: Barrels

The chef took the whisk he used to beat eggs and didn’t whine as he made a roll. Even though he wanted to go fishin’, a sense of duty came upon him to adequately supply his store. Six Puns: Barrel puns are … Continue reading

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Six Puns Day Six Hundred Twenty One: Speed Skating

If you want a short track to weight loss, you should fast and re-lay all the tiles on your bathroom floor. If you want the long track to weight loss, exercise your right to diet (and exercise). Six Puns: Appreciate all forms … Continue reading

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Six Puns Day Six Hundred Twenty: Curling

Kids and adults have a lazy handle on things: some say they like to skip school (or work) and play on a slide. They also love to draw and eat Chinese takeout. Six Puns: A woolly operation of lamb’s cousins … Continue reading

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Six Puns Day Six Hundred: Puns (Part 2)

What do baby chickens get when they tell puns? Cheep laughs. What happens to young saplings when they hear puns? They turn fully grown. What kind of drama does a dictionary write? A play on words. When anglers tell puns they have … Continue reading

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Six Puns DAy Five Hundred Ninety Four: Locks

There’s a key to making a good wafer, and it should not be something you dread.  It should be easy to pin down with a simple combination of techniques and soon it’ll be as easy as making Pad Thai.

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Six Puns Day Five Hundred Ninety Two: Dingoes

“If you’re dogged and persistent, you’ll find out how all those plants are surviving out back, and that’s fer sure,” said the head gardener, “and also, how that tree bark grows steady without a pause.”

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Six Puns Day Five Hundred Eighty Six: Evergreen Trees

Going to the Four Seasons concert? Pine for the days of better music? Need all the help you can get? You’d better spruce up your place, grab your best fur coat–on your way to the concert, you don’t want to … Continue reading

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Six Puns Day Five Hundred Eighty: Radioactivity

Gone fishin’? You better bait a hook on this lake I’ve been keeping an eye on. It’s safe, too: it is near a horse stable and a place that serves fusion cuisine, so there’s no real element of danger.

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