Six Puns Day Eight Hundred Thirty Five: Nutmeg

Spies, see, spies, are known to carry mace, and take advantage of any opportunity a fray grants,” said the speaker, “in the same vein, they are known to buy time, but that’s just an expression.”

Six Puns: Why thank my readers for reviewing these nutmeg puns? To curry favor with them, of course.

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Six Puns Day Eight Hundred Thirty Four: Kilts

“You can hem and haw about the vegetables, or you can belt out your love for the skirt steak,” said the food reviewer, “either way you will be able to form all opinions based on the sweet dessert tart, an integral part of the meal.”

Six Puns: Come on, you’re telling me you’ve seen kilt puns before? Well, if you haven’t, now you are sett.


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Six Puns Day Eight Hundred Thirty Three: Popsicles

“Hey maybe you’ll enjoy this suite, and you can practice a few licks of your guitar music,” said the hotel owner, “at any rate, if you stick to it, you should have your song down cold.   That definitely frees you of any responsibility.”

Six Puns: If you leave your mother’s music class sick, Al, you should have listened to pop.


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Six Puns Day Eight Hundred Thirty Two: Rocking Chairs

There were several rockers in many bands, but would you believe that some of them have an interest in swing music? Some of them have indeed won fourth place in jazz competitions.

Six Puns: No fat? Just lean.

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Six Puns Day Eight Hundred Thirty One: Microwaves

In the second heat of the women’s 200 meter racing competition, the contestants would dye electric blue into their clothes. Ellie D., the pace runner, would wave to the other athletes, set the stage, and the others would time her.

Six Puns: M&M’s? Those are something you shouldn’t be meltin’ , John…

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Six Puns Day Eight Hundred Thirty: The Phoenix

“Listen son, people will try to get a rise out of you just so the boss might fire you,” said the department head “though you don’t have to wing it, you can always come up with  better ideas on the fly.”


Six Puns: Phoenix puns? I think there’s an ash tag for that…


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Six Puns Day Eight Hundred Twenty Nine: Mint

“You don’t have to live your life on the lamb, actually it’d be cool if you didn’t,” said the police officer. “Runners always pepper the news, but jails are always better when one of them leaves.”

Six Puns: Arrow wheels and a spear tire…

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