Six Puns Month Seven: Eagles

“This is a golden opportunity to be crowned a victor in this martial arts competition,” said the bald karate instructor, “I hope you’re not sore, that won’t fly with the judges.”

Six Puns: Words of a feather, flock toge–ah, you know what I mean.

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Six Puns Month Six: Crocodiles

Weighed on the scale of difficult things to do, telling a tale about missing computer bytes is a snap, and that’s the tooth.

Six puns: We pun this town!

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Six Puns Month Five: Conifers

“Whatever youse guys read would tell me a lot about these furs,” said the opportunistic Brooklynite, “whether I have to spruce them up or branch out to our supplier is something I need to know soon.”

Six Puns: Pining for more puns? Join us next month!

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Six Puns Month Four: Vandalism

“There’s a tag on that sack of potatoes, but the writing is on the wall,” said the detective, “that’s where we are, son. We have counterfeit potatoes here, ones that won’t spoil easy but instead paint a picture of corruption.”

Six Puns: More puns July 26th.


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Six Puns Month Three: The Milky Way

There’s plenty of space for fun in your schedule, so go out to Hollywood and meet some stars. It’s a light year for movies, so if you plan it right you can take plenty of pictures, and, make the photos you develop in the dark matter.

Six Puns: Plenty of puns, or bits of comedy, delivered promptly to your home planetarium.

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Six Puns Month Two: Crop Circles

Last month’s puns weren’t corny enough for you? It’s funny how the laughs crop up here and there, (though that concept is alien to me) but I wouldn’t trust anybody who reads into it too much. Maybe there is a grain of truth to it, but ask a professor, she’ll field any questions.

Six Puns: Remember, that latter Sunday is a Pun-day!

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Six Puns Month One: Sandals

Seeing as I’ve been strapped for cash lately (the result of a pun tax hike), I’ve decided to stay afoot of my monetary situation by reviving this site on a monthly basis instead of having to toe the line with daily puns. So, for a sole Sunday each month, you can clog your schedule with pure pun-ly goodness!

Six Puns: The last Sun-day of your month is now a Pun-day! (Next post is April 26th).

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