Six Puns Day Seven Hundred Five: Plates

“If there’s nothing to steal in China,” said the pirate, “well, we’re going to have to go back to the base. That is, as soon as I find my cell phone charger.”

Six Puns: Don’t bother investing…plate puns are poor sellin’.

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Six Puns Day Seven Hundred Four: Powder

“A flower might not make up for all mistakes on that float, but you should milk for all it’s worth,” said Ash.

Six Puns: Running those powder puns into the ground!


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Six Puns Day Seven Hundred Three: Cole Slaw

“There’s not a shred of evidence that the person who stole the taxi did so in the raw,” said the detective, “and this is because so many people have been dressing up for a greater number of these crimes.” “I’d agree with you,” said the car manufacturer, ” but there have been so many thefts lately, first the truck batch, then the bus batch, and now the cab batch.

Six Puns: Put your worries a – side!


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Six Puns Day Seven Hundred Two: Rhubarb

“The entire crowd rose, at least that’s what I’ve read,” said the sports commentator. “They made a laughing stock out of the entire team.” “How can we get back their good reputation?” the anchor asked. “Well it’s as easy as pie,” replied the  commentator. “I’ll tell you how, as soon as the boss leaves.”

Six Puns: They wanted to make an energy facility out of rhubarb, but now it’s just a power plant!


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Six Puns Day Seven Hundred One: Stucco

The latest mix of the artist’s song left her in quite a bind–her performance was solid, but would her popularity stick? Maybe she would have better luck building raps.

Six Puns: Hard to resist!


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Six Puns Day Seven Hundred: Sponges

What are you doing? Come on, it’s easy to see how you can sell a vacation spot: tell them how to soak up the sun in a distant place, and they’ll pour all over the offer.

Six Puns: Many see sleep, few see beds.

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Six Puns Day Six Hundred Ninety Nine: Lungs

There’s an heir eating a pearat a restaurant and just enjoying the atmosphere. He doesn’t like seafood, (he’s not quite a fisher) but he does enjoy chicken (and ducks).

Six Puns: Puns in the rain, puns in the snow, puns in sleet, puns in hail…


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